Monday, October 6

Recall: All Kidding Aside

I cannot stress how important it is to get out and vote tomorrow.

Too many people think either
- someone else will vote like-mindedly.
- my vote doesn't matter.
- I have two friends whose votes outnumber mine.
or worse:
- I'm not for the recall, so I don't have to vote.

Yes...I have actually heard that one. I almost slapped the guy to death when he told me that.

You MUST vote if you're against the recall. That is the unmitigated truth. And no one's going to do it for you. This election is just too simple. Recall, yes or no. If no, who? Prop 53. Prop 54.

That's it. 20 seconds and you're done. Vote. The future of the state depends on it.

And at the very least as an incentive - if you don't think Gray Davis had the crap scared out of him by this recall, guess again. Vote no. He'll be under the microscope and better do the right thing.