Tuesday, October 7

Recall: The Cult Of Personality Will Rule California

Apparently, California will not learn the lessons of Minnesota. KCBS/KCAL, KTTV and many others are declaring Schwarzenegger the winner.

If you are within earshot of L.A. talk radio, you're hearing that this is a great triumph for conservative Republicans. Nonsense. If that were true, Tom McClintock would be the new governor, but he's pulling a dismal 12% with 14% reporting. Neocons still represent a small minority in this state, thank God, and McClintock is acknowledging that as I write this by conceding.

Unfortunately, 52% of the recall voters bought into the big tough movie star who has not said word one about what he'll do to save the state. He said nothing more than about eleven well-rehearsed lines over and over and over. He has no plan and no visible governing abilities. He's just famous.

This cartoon by Ed Stein sums it up beautifully.