Wednesday, October 8

Recall The Recall?

A quick perusal of the blogosphere shows that a lot of folks are calling for a recall of last night's election. One word kind of sums up my feelings about that prospect:


It was an ugly, desperate and polarizing episode by the right, which we argued was usurping a legitimate election. For us to do it makes us no better. We can't do the same and expect any respect from the rest of the country which is already looking at California as a joke. We simply cannot afford to alienate any more voters. Especially for next year's election.

The best strategy will be to let this Governator thing play out. If it fails as much as it looks like it will, we'll have all the momentum. And we'll win it legitimately.

This recall left a huge stain and a lousy taste. And a majority of California's voters didn't bother to show up at all (see post below).

Let's carry that on as the Republicans' legacy. Not ours.