Monday, October 6

Recall: Two From Today's L.A. Times

Columnist Steve Lopez has also noticed:

For those who feel they're not getting their fair share, Arnold's medicine goes down easy, and it's an amazing thing to observe. A Hollywood actor worth $200 million is telling regular Joes he understands their pain, and they lap it up.

He rails against high electric bills even though he was reportedly hobnobbing with Enron villain Ken Lay at the height of the energy crisis, and Arnold's Army cheers.

He promises changes, but not a plan to make them happen, and the juggernaut rolls on.

What's at work is a combination of Davis' failures, the hypnotic effect of Arnold's celebrity, and the Hollywood-inspired myth that every complex problem has a simple solution — namely, to terminate it.
And this letter which I'm afraid is dead serious:

The Times is right. "Image Just Isn't Enough" (editorial, Oct. 2). But at least it is something. What does Gov. Gray Davis offer? Nothing. Oh, I forgot. Davis offers his experience in raising campaign funds, looking after his contributors and doing nothing about California's economic problems.

Richard Fay
Redondo Beach
It's understandable how popular he is as an actor. It's insane how popular he is to run this state. We don't need a new governor. We need a state psychotherapist.