Wednesday, October 8

Recalling The Recall Part II

There's a spirited conversation going on at the original post where I insist on NO, NO and NO to a recall of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The main reason I cannot support such a thing is that we have a much bigger problem we need to address before even entertaining the notion of a recall: the quality of our candidates.

Sure, a recall of the recall would display our unwillingness to "roll over and play dead," but we've got to face the truth: defending Gray Davis was a hard sell at best. We needed to mobilize voters and get their asses into the voting booths. Instead, they stayed home in droves. Why?

I'm not buying the complaint of the changes in polling places. I'm not buying the long lines gambit. I'm not buying any other excuse, because the Republicans had the same obstacles.

What happened was we didn't send the right message, and we sent in the wrong messengers. Plain and simple. This was a horrible campaign all around, and it went to an empty flak jacket with more charisma, presence and clever banter than the other 134 candidates - all of which refused to take it seriously enough.

And don't tell me Peter Camejo was doing all the right stuff, either. He was unkempt, shrill and had the stage presence of spackle.

Until we come up with someone who can rise above the fray and shine brightly, a re-recall will be nothing more than vindictive. And folks, we simply have enough image problems without adding that one to the repertoire.