Friday, October 10

The Rush Into Rehab Tour Is On

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For a decade and a half, Rush Limbaugh has been known to say that drug abusers deserve no sympathy - that when they take that first dose, they're making a choice, and they continue to make that same choice each time they do it again.

Rush is saying the painkillers were prescribed by a doctor for his back, which led to his addiction - thereby conveniently negating the "making a choice" part of his theory.

His recent hearing loss drew an outpouring of pity from many people, both pro- and anti-Rush. It's now known that Vicodin addiction can cause the very malady he suffered. Tragic, yes. But now his minions face an ethical dilemma.

Do the right-wing robots muster up even more sympathy for him, even though he spent a lot of it with his "mysterious" hearing loss? It's easy to say yes. But eventually, these people are going to wise up and demand they stop being lied to by the people who they regard as their moral leaders.

I hope Rush gets help. But I also hope that while the rabid listeners of his daily fairy tales say the prayers he asks of them, they have two epiphanies:

1) That drug addicts need help and not scorn.
2) That not everything said on right-wing talk radio is 100% true.