Wednesday, October 1

Washington Times Update

Well, let's see if the Valerie Plame affair is newsworthy enough for the Rev. Moon-owned wingnut propaganda sheet, the Washington Times. Front page:

Actual screenshot 3:00pm PT 10/01

Nope. Not a blessed thing. And still nothing from their undoubtedly uncensored AP and UPI breaking news tickers. But there, nestled deep on the Nation page is the same story from yesterday, about Bush gallantly endorsing an investigation about that Democrat-invented CIA operative.

But whoa. What's this? Also neatly nestled in that same area is this little reminder of - why, yes! CLINTON!

YES! That rat bastard Clinton! What he did was horrible...worse than...uh...the, uh...gosh. My attention was diverted and I forgot what the current scandal is. Oh, well...