Wednesday, February 4

A Chill Is Blowin' In From The North

Check out the cover at Kos.
Canadians to Bush: Hope You Lose, Eh
According to a new poll, only 15 per cent of us would vote for the President

MAYBE IT'S THAT SMUG LITTLE SMILE. His penchant for fantastically expensive military photo-ops. Or the swaggering, belt-hitching walk that cries out for a pair of swinging saloon doors. And though, God knows, we have too many of our own syntactically challenged politicians to be casting stones, shouldn't the leader of the free world know that "misunderestimate" isn't a word? Yes, we're cavilling, but clearly there is something about George W. Bush that gets under the skin of Canadians.

Only 15 per cent, according to an exclusive new Maclean's poll, would definitely cast a ballot for Bush if they had the opportunity. And if Americans remain almost evenly divided -- some 50 per cent approve of his performance in the White House and he's running neck and neck with his likely Democratic challengers -- there is no such dithering on this side of the border. Just 12 per cent of us feel Canada is better off since he took office, and only a third of respondents will admit to liking the world's most powerful man, even just a little bit.
And before anyone says it...yes, it IS their business. They have to share this plot of land with us.

And (again) before anyone says it...yes, you can derisively say that all they have up there are moose, beavers and sport fishermen. But you can damn well bet that ANY of 'em can do a better job than President Crackhead.