Saturday, October 4

Other Things I Don't Get

How horribly wrong it is for the L.A. Times to bring up Schwarzenegger's sexual indiscretions, but how wonderfully right it is to call Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame "partisan Democrats" as an excuse to shoot their names through the mud.

How the right was duped into pitying Rush Limbaugh's "mysterious" hearing loss which was now disclosed to have been brought on by his inhaling handfuls of ill-gotten painkillers. And how they now pity him for his "illness" of said addiction. Why aren't they shocked by his crapping all over their loyalty? (See comments to a previous post on this site.)

How anyone can still be proud of the actions of this administration after they've been proven time and time again that they base almost all their actions on uneducated guesses which result in either embarrassment or disaster.

I guess I'm off my hiatus. Things are just too screwed up.