Saturday, October 4

Recall: I Still Don't Get Schwarzenegger

I broke my exile to make an obvious observation: I simply do not understand why the Republicans are so high on Arnold Schwarzenegger. I simply don't understand why ANYBODY would be high on him.

Forget the womanizing stuff. Forget the Nazi allegations. Forget all the dirt that's being pulled out at the last minute. Let's just look at the basics.

In the two months of this campaign, we know Arnold will do the following for the State of California:

1) Make Indian gaming casinos pay their fair share of taxes.

2) He'll terminate things.

That's it. Those are the only things he's said he will do about the state's problems.

He told us what he's for (children, a balanced budget and children). He's told us what he doesn't like (Gray Davis, Cruz Bustamante, the stalemate in Sacramento). He told us what the problems are (business leaving, spending spending spending and taxing taxing taxing when you flush the toilet).

But as loudly as I've screamed and screamed and screamed at my TV and my newspapers, for the life of me I have not heard anything about how he plans to fix things...other than taxing the Indian casinos and terminating whatever is in that terminating mind of his.

Throughout his down-to-the-wire campaign stumping, he speaks jingo, waves and leaves. No addressing his plans. No questions from people. No questions by reporters. Nothing.

In fact, this candidate is about nothing. His whole campaign has been about nothing (discounting catch-phrases from his pithy flicks). His message is a whole bowl full of nothing.

What we have here is a big guy who wants to take a whack at running the state I'm living in because he wants to give something back. What that something is has not yet been disclosed. But people are digging the big guy. It's a big job, and the little guy can't handle it. So we'll vote for the big guy.

Even though he's a big nothing.

I just don't get it.


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