Wednesday, December 31

The 2003 Hoffmania Year-End Family Wrap Up!

Whoa, Penelope. What a year 2003 was for us.

The kids are still shopping for a college.
Not they're not. We don't have kids.
We got a new HDTV home theater.
All our neighbors moved out.
We ran out of mosquito repellent on the last day of our Jamaican vacation.
We got a cranky Chocolate-point Siamese cat who hates us and our original cat.
But he became fast friends with our border collie.
We walked around our neighborhood every day.
Then we had pie.
If we didn't eat pie, we wouldn't need to walk.
So I tried Atkins. Then mad cow disease was discovered in the U.S.
Hello again, pie.

Oh yeah. I started a blog in 2003.
In the beginning, it was read by about three people.
Since then, our readership has more than doubled.
I think I'll celebrate by eating pie.

Now you know why we don't send these out with our Christmas cards.

Happy New Year. Stay safe.