Monday, December 29

Et Tu, Washington Post?

WaPo's profile of John Kerry: Hunter, Dreamer, Realist
WaPo's profile of Joe Lieberman: Centrist In Debt To JFK
WaPo's profile of Howard Dean: Short-Fused Populist, Breathing Fire at Bush

Jesus H. Christ in a chariot-driven sidecar, what the hell's going on with this crap? Someone captures the imagination and interest of a mass of voters, and so they trot out the ol' knock-'em-down-several-pegs style of "journalism." I'm getting pretty goddamned annoyed at this. News whores. THIS is why we're angry. Instead of focusing on the issues, they're just going after character misperceptions of the front-runner.

Call ME short-fused if you want - it sure as hell fits. But give the guy credit for firing up a lot of folks who have all but given up in participating in the process.