Monday, December 22

As Long As You're Doing It For All The Right Reasons, Joe

Lieberman makes a move in New Hampshire, into an apartment

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- In a move believed to be unprecedented in New Hampshire primary history, Joe Lieberman took temporary residence in the state in a last-month push to win over voters.

The U.S. senator from Connecticut, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, greeted reporters Monday at his new, furnished, two-bedroom apartment in the state's largest city.

He called the move "another turning of the corner."

"Obviously, I've said for a long time I was going to start my quest for the White House here in New Hampshire ... we we're going to do better than expected with that typical feisty, independent-minded, surprise-the-pundits-and-pollsters attitude of voters of New Hampshire, and then we we're going to go on the next week and do well in the other states that have primaries," he said.

So far, it has not worked. Lieberman has been stuck in the middle of the pack of nine Democrats in single digits in the polls, though he said the polls had nothing to do with his move before the earliest state primary Jan. 27.
Dean, Clark, Kerry and Gephardt have all been seen in Iowa stealing Apartments Unlimited magazines from racks at local supermarkets in an effort to stay a step ahead of this great strategy.