Saturday, December 13

Democrats Behaving Poorly

Why do people get disenchanted with the two-party system? Why do people say there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans? What repels voters from voting? This bullshit. Sorry. That's what it is.

Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values is buying up TV time to spread the propaganda that Howard Dean is weak on foreign policy - and that he cannot compete with George Bush on that issue. Quoting the spot:

We live in a very dangerous world. And there are those who wake up every morning determined to destroy western civilization. Americans want a President who can face the dangers ahead. But Howard Dean has no military or foreign policy experience. And Howard Dean just cannot compete with George Bush on foreign policy. It's time for Democrats to think about that - and think about it now.
But as the official Howard Dean Blog asks (and finds out)...

Who are the Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values? Their press secretary is Robert Gibbs, who, until recently, worked on John Kerry's campaign. Their Treasurer is David Jones, who used to raise money for Dick Gephardt. The president of the organization, Former Congressman Edward Feighan, was one of the earliest $2,000 contributors to Dick Gephardt's presidential campaign.

And as their press release says, they plan to air this ad in other early primary states, and they've bought over $400,000 of airtime in Iowa for ads focusing on Howard Dean's positions on the issues of guns, Medicare cuts and NAFTA.
Nice work, boys. The gloves are off. You guys are the lowest.