Tuesday, December 23

Code Ernie: Just A Couple Of Things

One - Those of us who have been banging the drum over not invading Iraq took a lot of crap. A LOT of crap. Our contention was that we had a unified international coalition who wanted to fight al Qaeda which we squandered because the Bush administration wanted to go after Iraq. Playing the terror card and using questionable evidence, they sapped the energy out of the hunt for bin Laden and poured it into a made-for-TV war.

There better be some people in the White House now slapping themselves on the forehead - saying, "Damn, we should have gone after al Qaeda." But you didn't, and now we're facing the scariest Christmas/New Years in memory.

Two - Where is Bush? Scant seconds ticked by after the capture of Saddam before he jumped in front of the cameras. No sooner did Tony Blair say the word "Libya" than the image of a victorious Dubya flood our screens. But now that his Homeland Security Department has ratched up the terror warnings "for real," this guy is nowhere to be found. Where are the words of encouragement? Where's the bravery? Where's the comforting advice from our leader?

Where the hell is George W. Bush NOW?