Wednesday, December 17

The First American To Orbit Earth: Dean's Right, Bush And The Dem Dipwad Triplets Are Wrong

CNN's Wolf "News Is Bustin' Out All Over" Blitzer interviewed John Glenn this morning on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight. Blitzer of course shifted the focus on current events - two items which didn't seem to get the response Wolf was digging for.

BLITZER: Senator Glenn, what about the moon? We're now getting indications the president is seriously thinking of approving another mission to the moon and let the men and perhaps women stay on the moon for some prolonged period of time. Is that a good idea?

GLENN: Well, I think if it's part of a bigger plan only. To just go back to the moon to say we can do that, with no further plan beyond that, that would be a very expensive thing to do. And with the budget situation the way it is now, I don't know why the president would call for that or not. We're $500 billion additional debt this year that the deficit we're going into.
Now I gotta wonder if John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt are going to gang up on - and trash - Mr. Glenn for this exchange:

BLITZER: In terms of the war on terrorism, is the American public safer today now that Saddam Hussein has been captured?

GLENN: The American public? Well, I'd be hard pressed to say that, that the American public. I didn't see Saddam Hussein as being quite the danger that some other people did. We haven't found any weapons of mass destruction yet. I'm glad we have him. He was a bad man, there's no doubt about that.

But as far as, do I feel safer because he's been captured? Well, I'm glad he was captured. But do I feel safer? No, I guess I don't feel that much safer.
Joe? John? DICK? Where are you guys?