Friday, December 19

Let's See...Axis Of Evil...Axis Of Evil...Hmmm...Nope. You're Not On The List.

Blair: Libya Will Dismantle WMD Program
U.K. Leader Backs Libya Rejoining International Community

The Associated Press

LONDON -- Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi confirmed that his country sought to develop weapons of mass destruction but plans to dismantle all such programs immediately, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday.

Britain and the United States have been talking with Libya for nine months, Blair said.
CNN's Wolf "Dear Sweet Jeezus, We're Live On Every Inch Of The Planet With This Dramatic News Bursting Wide Open Like A Cheap Water Balloon" Blitzer is visibly shaking.

What's dramatic is that this was negotiated through diplomacy, not war. No wonder Bush looked more bewildered than usual just now.