Saturday, December 27

DirecTV Wants To Dump Trio

One of the crimes against humanity DirecTV plans is to drop the ever-improving Trio channel come the new year. Gone will be the Ernie Kovacs shows. Gone will be the NBC Letterman shows. Gone will be the failed (but huge fun to watch) pilot shows. Trio has finally found its niche, only to have it shut out of the DirecTV service.

What will remain are at least 5 24-hour shopping channels, 6 full-time Christian channels, and the fairly useless PAX, Fine Living, Soap, and dozens of "Coming Up On DirecTV" channels.

Trio has set up a site where you can let DirecTV know how you feel about this. Hey, if you're a customer (or will be), they gotta keep you happy. Go to Save Trio. And hurry.