Sunday, December 21

Tracking The Visitors

Had to go to the Jamaica Gleaner to get this story...

US moving to track visitors
Fingerprinting on entry, exit 'immigration' planned

COME WEDNESDAY, December 31, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be implementing its 'US-VISIT' programme to enable it to effectively track visitors to the country.

Officially stated, the programme will enable the U.S. Government to more accurately verify the identity of incoming visitors and confirm compliance with visa and immigration policies, thus enhancing its entry and exit system.

Specifically, "The goals of US-VISIT (for Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology) are to:
Enhance the security of our citizens and visitors
Expedite legitimate travel and trade
Ensure the integrity of the immigration system
Safeguard the personal privacy of our visitors."


The US-VISIT capability which U.S. law requires be implemented at airports and seaports by December 31, 2003, will involve collecting travel information and 'biometric identifiers' (such as fingerprints, using a simple, inkless device) from visitors to assist the border officer in making admissibility decisions. The identity of visitors who need a visa to travel to the U.S. will be verified upon their arrival and departure.