Tuesday, January 20

Absolute Must-Read Material - Plus: Our Message

Get over to Media Whores Online and read some greatness titled Bush Fatigue Grips Nation (link now updated to archived story). Some samples:

Our candidates have finally abandoned holding back harsh criticism of George W. Bush, the individual for fear of being labeled unpatriotic. And they aren't afraid of accusations they are "not respecting the office of the presidency" because they finally understand that only the most deluded and hopeless Bush apologists believe it is in any way respectful of the office of the presidency to avoid criticizing someone who occupies it illegitimately as a result of successfully fighting to prevent the will of the American voters from prevailing.

Repairing the image of Democrats-as-wimps was essential if we were to have any chance of defeating the Unelected Fraud in November.


Democrats failed to lead after 9/11 and instead allowed their actions to be determined by a terrorized public begging them not to give them any further "bad news" about Bush's defective character, his corruption, or his incompetence.

Democrats failed to lead at a time when Democratic leadership was needed more than ever. A time when the corrupt Bush Regime signaled it intended to utilize the deaths of 3000 Americans to push an unrelated radical right-wing agenda that included an unnecessary and immoral Iraq war, and draconian domestic policies rejected by the American people when Bush was defeated in 2000.

For months after 9/11, Democrats bought into the Republican Party and state-run news media's exploitative and disgraceful "unity means agreeing with Bush's radical right-wing agenda" propaganda.

And when the midterm elections rolled around in November 2002, Karl Rove and Ralph Reed showed Democrats what happens when they foolishly trust known corrupt power abusers: Republicans will unceremoniously shove Democrats' goodwill down their throats with ads portraying them as traitors and terrorist sympathizers.

Democrats seem to be wising up. Now they're ignoring the New York Times editorial admonitions not to question the Unelected Fraud's character and have begun to fight back hard.

Our candidates are saying things you used to see only on Websites like this one.


There was the ABC-American Spectacle story implying Dr. Howard Dean knowingly vouched for a wife-beater.

Next came an equally vaporous New York Times story about General Wesley Clark strategist Chris Lehane, headlined at Drudge, complete with grainy black and white photo of Lehane resembling Chupacabra.

Finally, accusations flew about John Kerry's alleged advocacy for the abolition of the Dept. of Agriculture, clearly intended to set us on a dangerous slippery slope toward the abolition agriculture itself.

But given that these are considered the most "damaging" stories for each of the candidates - what is most remarkable is not the nastiness of the campaign, but the fact that when one examines all of the so-called "scandals" thrown around thus far, the heartening question that comes to mind is: Is this all they have?
Here it is - in writing - what we really have been believing and what we've really needed to see. We've been saying on this blog that the Democrats will have the truth on our side this November. MWO has put forth the argument in an absolutely must-read essay. If you've already read it, go read it again. Cut and paste it into your documents. Read it every two weeks.

I'm also compelled to add that we're finally seeing some balls in the speeches by most of the remaining candidates regarding the criticism of the frauds in the White House. That was a path that was blazed by the guy I've been supporting almost as long as I've been blogging. It took guts and the ability to take a lot of crap to do so, but Howard Dean needs to be credited for opening the flood gates - making it okay to speak out against the lies and hijacking of patriotism by Bush and the rest of his crackheads. Not that we needed permission, but as MWO points out, we were taking "the high road." Being the nice guys. Attempting to work with these barbarians. And we got our asses kicked roundly for doing so. Well, people - those days are over. And thanks in no small part to the "angry" Howard Dean.

He opened the door and the other candidates walked in - some of them stomping a mudhole in him as they did. But we now have a message which is resonating with America. We must deliver it this November - no matter who the candidate is. I'll be there. Please - you need to be there as well.