Sunday, January 18

Today's Pollster Head-Scratcher

The latest Zogby poll has Howard Dean trailing John Kerry 24.4 to 23.1 percent in its three-day rolling-average tracking poll. What's even stranger is the explanation:

"Kerry continues to poll strong. Dean seems to have bottomed out and move almost back to where he was," pollster John Zogby said. "There are fewer doubts about Dean's ability to defeat Bush, a factor that has hurt him much of this week."
Some of you may not quite grasp what was just said there. I'll clarify it.

Zogby is saying that there is - less doubt - about Dean being able to beat Bush. "More doubt about Dean's ability to beat Bush" would mean there's growing concern that he can't. But Zogby's saying the opposite. And this has somehow hurt Dean.

Let that sink in - and you'll understand why my diddling around with caucus poll numbers here will make my freaking head explode.