Thursday, January 29

Rove Opens His Kerry File And Wingnuts Get A New Attack Motto

Kerry in the crosshairs

WASHINGTON (CNN) --Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie delivers another broadside against John Kerry today at the RNC winter meeting in Washington. We can summarize it in a single tried and true phrase: "soft on defense."
See, this underscores what we've been talking about. The RNC is the de facto unifying mouthpiece of the White House and the right wing militia. Their messages are clear and united.

The DNC's Terry McAuliffe just sits on the sidelines and waves a donkey flag while 319 different agendas flail wildly among the Dem candidates. The time for this simp to grow some balls and set the table has long passed. I urge whoever the nominee is to make his first move the removal of this useless slug from the DNC.