Friday, January 23

We Can Throw The "CBS Didn't Carry The Last Super Bowl" Argument Out The Window

CBS: 'No' to MoveOn, 'Yes' to White House

CBS rejected a request from MoveOn to air the 30-second spot, saying "Child's Pay" violated the network's policy against accepting advocacy advertising, a company spokesperson told reporters.

At the same time, CBS is allowing an ad placed on the docket by the White House's anti-drug office. For the third year in a row the White House has paid between $1.5 and $3 million each for 30-second spots during the broadcast. The 2004 ad, produced for the White House by Ogilvy & Mather, is expected to convey a message similar to their previous Super Bowl spots. While CBS would not reveal the content of the upcoming ad, previous White House Super Bowl spots drew a controversial link between casual drug use and the financing of global terrorists.