Wednesday, January 21

Another Day, Another Republican, Another Abuse Of Usage Of State Troopers

State troopers relay Sugar Bowl tickets to New Orleans for senator

Louisiana state troopers maintain they rendered no special favors when they relayed Sugar Bowl tickets from Shreveport to New Orleans for newly-elected state Sen. Sherri Smith Cheek on game day earlier this month.

It all began when Cheek received a call from her husband about 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 4. He was in New Orleans, but he'd left the tickets in Shreveport, she said.

"After calling FedEx, UPS, the bus station and the airport, I knew there was nothing else for me to do but get on the road," Cheek said Tuesday. "I called the state Senate's office in Baton Rouge and they connected me to the state police in either Baton Rouge or New Orleans, I don't remember."

When asked how the troopers were able to get the tickets to New Orleans in time for the game after Cheek had been advised there was no way for her to make it there in time, Whittaker said, "I don't know the answer to that. We got the tickets down there. As far as the traffic and how they handled it in New Orleans, I don't know."