Saturday, January 17

Then On July 21st, The Guy In 23C Ordered A Mourgh Sandwich

Here we go again...

Airline Gave Government Information on Passengers

At the time of JetBlue's apology, Northwest [Airlines] officials publicly stated that their airline, the nation's fourth-largest, would not divulge information on its passengers.

"We do not provide that type of information to anyone," Kurt Ebenhoch, a spokesman for Northwest, told The New York Times in a story published on Sept. 23.

Northwest confirmed that it gave NASA data on passengers who flew during several months in 2001. The airline's action came to light through Freedom of Information Act requests made to the Transportation Security Administration and NASA by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Washington-based privacy-rights group. It was reported on the Web site of The Washington Post on Saturday.

The information Northwest turned over to the government appears to involve more than 10 million passengers, said David L. Sobel, the general counsel for the privacy group.