Thursday, January 15

Firsthand Account of Gore Speech

I'll take Famous Amos' word on this before I believe the National Center for Public etc. etc. any day:

Eyewitness to history: this man was AWESOME. Never again believe that "all our politicians" are "dwarves", etc.... there are some great leaders available to this country. The people in power just want you to believe there's no real alternative, and depress political participation.

Believe me, when you hear a powerful, intelligent, well-informed, energetic, rousing speaker like AL... and then reflect on the 4-year freak show we've been subjected-to, with a smirking, inarticulate, incurious moron fronting a dark group of thieves, traitors and killers... it is enough to make you SICK.
Sounds like powerful stuff. No wonder the pinhead wingnuts are focusing on how cold it was in NYC. The speech kicked their asses from coast to coast. I haven't been able to load the video, but try it yourself.