Saturday, January 24

Fox And Friends! Where The Ignorant Are Being Replaced By The Misinformed

Reader Dave watched the Fox News morning fustercluck and writes:

On Tuesday or possibly Wednesday morning, the one in the middle (semi-cute but very vacuous E.D. Something) [E.D. Hill] was railing against the Democratic responses to the SOTU, in particular the criticism that pre-emptive war had never been a part of the American makeup. With a sneer she said "Oh yeah? What about Kosovo? What about Pearl Harbor?" Uh, Pearl Harbor? Perhaps all of my old history books are wrong but I am reasonably sure that Pearl Harbor wasn't an instance of American pre-emptive war. Did anyone else notice this?
Kinda reminds me of Blutarsky's "It's not over until WE say it's over!" speech in Animal House.