Thursday, January 15

Wait! Wait! One More Thing, Okay?

Joe Conason agrees with Famous Amos (see four posts down) on the Gore speech - he was there, too.

Al Gore's remarkable address on climate change and environmental policy won a sustained ovation from the audience that filled Manhattan's Beacon Theatre Thursday afternoon. Lucid, learned, witty and fearless, the man who won the last presidential election delivered what was certainly the best speech of his career and one of the best I've ever heard given by any politician. The event's only regrettable aspect was the absence of certain individuals who ought to have shut up and listened -- including Ralph Nader and his supporters, axe-grinding reporters who maligned Gore so unfairly in 2000, and such scientific authorities as Rep. Roy Blunt and Dr. Matt Drudge, who evidently think a winter snowstorm somehow disproves global warming.
Now, good night, dammit.