Saturday, January 17

Let's Take A Look At Bush's Dayrunner

1 - Wake up
B - Lay wreath at Martin Luther King Jr.'s grave
3 - Eat some pie
8 - Raise millions at Atlanta fundraiser
5 - Think of something over-the-top insane to finish the day
4 - Force appointment of racist judge
7 - Go to bed incognasent uncognicent not aware of the idiocy of what I did today

Bush Seats Judge, Bypassing Senate Democrats

President Bush on Friday used the Congressional recess to install Charles W. Pickering Sr. in a federal appeals court seat from which he had been blocked twice by the Senate because of Democratic opposition.

In using a president's power to make appointments during Congressional recesses to fill vacancies, Mr. Bush was able to skirt the Senate confirmation process, which Democrats have used for three years to block not only the Pickering nomination but also those of several other Bush judicial nominees.

Senate Democrats argued that he did not deserve elevation because he had written an article as a young man recommending ways to strengthen Mississippi's anti-miscegenation laws, left the Democratic Party in 1964 when the national party tried to integrate the state delegation to the national convention and, more recently, presided over a 1994 trial in which he took extraordinary steps to reduce the sentence of a man convicted in a cross-burning incident.