Wednesday, January 21

Enough Of Dean's YEAAAAAAAH Already

Have any of the people railing on Dean's high-voltage post-Iowa pep talk ever seen him speak to a crowd before? Predictably, the wingnut radio twits are playing it almost in an endless loop throughout their shows. Oh ho ho. Imaginative little bastards. But news "organizations" are making wacky sampling videos, labeling him as crazy, asking psychoanalysts, bringing in experts, smirking at the loudness of it all and having roundtable/town hall discussions about the freakin' Dean speech. What the hell?

I've seen him live several times. He emotes. He raises his voice often. Especially when the crowd is egging him on, as they did Monday night. This is NOTHING NEW. This is what he does. He obviously saw a lot of sunken faces that night and wanted to light a fire under their asses. He committed the biggest sin of all: showing emotion in front of cameras - with all the sound picked up through just one microphone - the one he was yelling into - not picking up the obvious crowdswell which you can see all around him.

Because the crowd wasn't mic'ed, all you heard was Dean. Therefore, that's all the story you're getting: Dean yelling.

The meteoric rise of Dean was - at least for one night - successfully squashed by the "liberal" media. But that wasn't enough. They need to finish the job. They have to wrap their jaws around a rally speech and drag that through the dirt for the last couple of days.

I'm so glad we're focusing on the right issues here. I was afraid our esteemed journalists were waxing superficial again (/sarcasm).