Thursday, June 17

13 Days And All This Will Be Yours, Iraq!

Pretty soon, the citizens of Iraq who managed to live long enough to see all this freedom splattered all over their neighborhoods might live long enough to get the hell out and move.

Which of course presents a dilemma to the anti-immigration faction of our fine country. Hmmm.

Blast at Iraqi recruiting center kills at least 35
Dozens hurt after explosive-laden SUV slams into Baghdad crowd

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A sport-utility vehicle packed with artillery shells slammed into a crowd of people waiting to volunteer Thursday for the Iraqi military, killing at least 35 people and wounding at least 138, authorities said. A U.S. military officer said the bombing was believed to be a suicide attack.

Capt. Hani Hussein of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps said about 100 volunteers were trying to enter the recruiting center when a car crashed into the crowd. A Health Ministry official said at least 35 people died and 138 were injured.