Wednesday, June 23

Review of F911

It's from Hoffmania contributor Barry Champlain in New York, who provides this uncensored account on how Fahrenheit 9/11 seems to be nothing short of a life-changing experience...

Here is the deal. We all knew this stuff; "we" being, those with a curiosity beyond the national entertainment state, as Gore Vidal put it. It's those other numbnutzes. And that's what this is all about. THEY have to see it. And this is doable. And if it is, there is no way in Hell that anyone who isn't a Republican operative or a Saudi can emerge from this thing, feeling anything but HAD.

And on that note, I stand by what I said earlier concerning getting one numbnutz, fence-sitter ("I'm not political!") or Dittohead into that theater to see it. This is gonna be a word-of-mouth thing, and we're not the ones needing the word-of-mouth.

I assure you, Moore put this all together to achieve the same Infotainment value with what we elite pointy-heads already knew, which the Bushies have used to deliver us such lies before. And he's done so, so cohesively, and with no dull moments, that if one member of the great unwashed sees it, it's the metasticized cancer cell in that demographic.

See this link from The Hill. The Bushies CANnot let this slide. They MUST kill it, because if not, there go four years of deadly-serious work... poof. And they, as I've said before, don't do defeat.

I have to say that from the personal experience of standing for the second day in the crowd drawn by the Big Dog... and hearing WCBS 880 in my Walkman, simultaneously, trumpeting that the significant story here was that Clinton "lashed out!" at some British talking head... there is a total disconnect between the authorized national narrative, and millions of Americans. The returns on these people are diminishing fast, as the overall credibility of these elite fascist media whores plummets.

Also, seeing that this movie actually managed to get to the screen tonight, despite moving of mountains and machinations of Mouse ... I now understand that these motherfuckers have a deep chill of gonad-crushing fear coarsing through their bloodstreams, of TRUTH and THE PEOPLE'S GETTING TO IT.

As well they should. We can win; we will win; I believe it. If we don't, it's because they're gonna steal it again (covered in the first 10 minutes of the movie!). Only this time, if they do, the morning after in this country will be pretty fucking serious.
It hits the rest of the country Friday.