Wednesday, June 30

Time for You to Seal the Deal

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A Message from the Kerry Campaign:

With just 18 hours left until the end of June, we have the opportunity to outraise the Bush campaign four months in a row. This is the last time before the Democratic convention that the campaign will report our fundraising figures -- a critical measure of our strength.

July 4th is four days away -- make your gift a personal Declaration of Independence. Show George Bush and his 642 Pioneers and Rangers, who have bundled nearly $100 million in contributions, that they don't control this election.

Outraising the Bush campaign in June will be a stunning show of our grassroots power. Be a part of this incredible moment.
NPR did a piece this morning on voters in New Mexico. Some are voting for Kerry simply because he's not Bush. Others will just leave the presidential ballot space empty. When asked why someone would vote for Bush again, one woman replied, "The president is honest, truthful, speaks his mind, is not a flip-flopper..."

These are exactly the kinds of things we need to fight. We need to stop the fact-ginning and the outright lies that have become the "information" these folks get. Once you understand what Kerry's about, he emerges as more than just a guy to vote for just to get Bush out. The man has a vision, a brain and a conscience. And hopefully, your dollars will go to stop these misrepresentations and show how much America has been deceived by the Bush presidency.

Vision. Brain. Conscience. Strike three, Mr. Bush. We need to do something. Now.

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