Monday, June 21

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot - Period

Another handpicked Bush fave doesn't even know how to renew his law license. Fish. Barrel. Boom.

(Say it with me) Now, if it was CLINTON...

Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

Thomas B. Griffith, President Bush's nominee for the federal appeals court in Washington, has been practicing law in Utah without a state law license for the past four years, according to Utah state officials.

Griffith, the general counsel for Brigham Young University since August 2000, had previously failed to renew his law license in Washington for three years while he was a lawyer based in the District. It was a mistake he attributed to an oversight by his law firm's staff. But that lapse in his D.C. license, reported earlier this month by The Washington Post, subsequently prevented Griffith from receiving a law license in Utah when he moved there.