Friday, June 18

Saudis 4, USA 0

Can we get the Saudis to go after bin Laden for us? They seem to know how to do this...

Terrorist group leader, 3 others die in Riyadh gunbattle

Saudi security forces killed a top al Qaeda leader in the kingdom shortly after the decapitated body of American hostage Paul Johnson Jr. was left in a remote area of Riyadh, security sources said.

Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin, the self-proclaimed military leader of al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, was killed while disposing of Johnson's body, the Arabic-language television network Al-Arabiya reported.

Three other terror suspects also were killed -- including a senior associate of al-Muqrin's who appears on Saudi Arabia's "Most Wanted" list, Bandar Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel -- the sources said.

All four were slain after a police chase and gunbattle in the Saudi capital, the sources said.