Monday, June 28

I Remember Ed Koch Before He Went Nuts

His years of doing talkradio have taken their toll on his once-sharp mind.

Try to read this and forget that for six continuous hours every day, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity do their own brand of debate-cheapening nation-polarizing one-sided name-calling disinformation-mongering unsupported by any tangible proof - which generally goes unchallenged by Koch. (Happy positive optimistic smile here) Okay? Okay!

Koch: Moore's propaganda film cheapens debate, polarizes nation

By Ed Koch

Senator John Kerry in criticizing United States' foreign policy and the incumbent president is acting responsibly, albeit I disagree with many of his views. On the other hand, Michael Moore, writer and director of the film "Fahrenheit 9/11," crosses that line regularly. The line is not set forth in the criminal statutes, but it is determined by Americans who know instinctively what actions and statements taken and uttered violate the obligations of responsibility and citizenship they deem applicable in time of war. [...]

I am a movie critic, so I went to see "Fahrenheit 9/11." The movie is a well-done propaganda piece and screed as has been reported by most critics. It is not a documentary which seeks to present the facts truthfully. The most significant offense that movie commits is to cheapen the political debate by dehumanizing the President and presenting him as a cartoon. [...]

The movie's diatribes, sometimes amusing and sometimes manifestly unfair, will not change any views. They will simply cheapen the national debate and reinforce the opinions on both sides.