Tuesday, June 22


I love when a wingnut action results in an opposite - and more than equal - reaction. Reader Amber sent this along, and we're hoping it motivates more folks to do the same.

I am a fan and I read your stuff every day. Thanks so much for helping to keep me motivated politically! Also? You make me laugh, too. ;) I don't know if you are familar with the full-page ad Right March had printed in the SPORTS SECTION of today's USA Today. Basically, it quotes that horrible speech Zell Miller gave in the Senate about how he was outraged that people were outraged over the disgusting acts of abuse that took place in Abu Ghraib. Apparently, I am a Liberal Hand-Wringer who gives support and comfort to the enemy because I have issues with state sanctioned torture. Who knew?

I was so pissed off, I went straight to MoveOn.org, donated to them and then sent Right March a lovely email letting them know how much they inspired me to give money to the organization they hate most. I feel a little bit better, but I wanted to spread the word and maybe get a few more people to do the same.

Again, thanks for all the writing you do. I really appreciate being so informed and entertained!
Yuks are us, Amber. Thanks...and nice work.