Saturday, June 26

Arnold - The New King of Flip-Flop

Wow! Two within a couple of hours! A new flip-flop record...

Pet Lovers Howl, So Governor Rolls Over
Schwarzenegger quickly drops a plan to save money by letting shelters euthanize strays in 72 hours. "That was an oversight," he says.

SACRAMENTO - The hectoring barks of animal lovers convinced Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to reverse himself Friday and keep California's law protecting stray dogs and cats at shelters.

"That's not me. I have three dogs. And of course I grew up with every animal you can think of," said Schwarzenegger, who credited his own daughter for persuading him to change his mind. "I'm an animal lover."

Schwarzenegger's about-face came a day after animal rights groups began besieging the Capitol upon learning that the governor wanted to cut back a six-day holding period for animals at shelters.
Gov.'s Got a New Take on Casinos

SACRAMENTO - Talking tough in television ads during last year's recall race, Arnold Schwarzenegger denounced Indian tribes that own casinos as special interests handing out fat campaign donations while giving little back to the state.

"I don't play that game," he intoned in a commercial featuring a spinning slot machine.

But those were a candidate's words. As governor, Schwarzenegger this week signed deals allowing five tribes unlimited expansion of their gambling operations, subject to legislative approval. In exchange, the state would take a larger cut of those tribes' casino profits than it does now, albeit less than the 25% Schwarzenegger demanded in his campaign.

"This is a jaw-dropping political metamorphosis for a candidate who railed against the...influence of Indian gaming," said Jason Kinney, who was an aide to former Gov. Gray Davis and now works in public relations.