Thursday, June 24

"The Red States Are Getting Exasperated"

That's the observation of Jon Carroll in the San Fran Chronicle.

It was interesting to watch the Bush administration implode as I was making my fossil-fueled trek across these United States. I was mostly out of touch with that darned liberal media -- although some states, like Wyoming, have unexpectedly good NPR stations -- so I picked up the bulk of my data from USA Today and local newspapers.

The red states are getting exasperated with Bush. He's not the small- government cautious-foreign-policy compassionate conservative that they voted for, and he's almost beyond the benefit of the doubt now. It may be true that, despite sophisticated Rovian techniques, you still can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Meanwhile, the lies proliferated at such a rate that my eyeballs began wobbling. In between the lies were the censored reports, the high-level employees firing bazookas at their former employers, the explosive congressional testimonies. Democrats didn't even have to show up; the GOP brandished a sword and forced itself to walk the plank. You go, guys.