Thursday, June 17

Polls From The Bizarro World

So just about all the polls coming out now give Bush a bounce in his numbers attributed to the death of Ronald Reagan.

Pew Reasearch's latest has Bush ahead of Kerry 46% to 42% - almost a mirror image of last month's numbers when Bush was behind Kerry by practically the same margin. The same effect was in Bush's approval-disapproval ratings: 44-48 last month, 48-44 this month. His favorability ratings, oddly, did not fare as well.

Investor's Daily/CSM had Kerry ahead of Bush 43-42 last month. Now it's Bush ahead 44-43.

This is one of the things I'll never understand about this country. Sometimes, polls under distress and tragedy just defy all logic.

The passing of someone who Bush had nothing in common with other than party affiliation will make Americans yearn for Bush more. Huh?

A failure of defense and horrible decisions make Bush stronger presidential material. What?

The more scared the public gets over terrorism, the more they want Bush to stay put. Que?

Any wonder why we simply don't trust what the White House will do to the country as their October surprise?