Thursday, June 24

Caption Contest!

No, really. This time it IS a contest, because we actually have a prize. Rules? We decide. Our decision is final. Whining not permitted. Email your caption through this link so we can keep track of who sent what and we'll post them here. Don't change the subject line or it won't go to the right mailbox. We'll notify you via email if you're picked.

Up for grabs, a copy of our DVD of Gov. Cuomo's nominating specch at the 1992 Democratic Convention.

Contributor Cadillac Jack came up with the idea and he provides the first three.

A. "So, what are you wearing...?"
B. "Sure Dick sure, but look I want to finish reading 'MY PET GOAT' first."
C. "Laura, turn on the gotta see this!"
6am 6/25:
Rule addendum: Limit two entries per person. This ain't the lottery, y'know.

"YOU!! Raiders vs. Packers, channel 13, NOW!!" - Sallyspaw
"Did somebody say 'twins'?" - Sallyspaw again
"Oh, and make sure we get his family members out of the country pronto...yes, you heard me correctly." - Josh
"Mr. President, we're ready to test the Dance Dance Invasion(TM) Fun Pad!" - Allan One
"Look Mr. President! Your cartoons are on! Uh...I mean your audio-visual Presidential Daily Briefing." -Allan One again
"Yeah, extra large with mushrooms and' a large Coke." - Felix
"You, in the white lab coat, the President needs you to test out that "jump to conclusions" mat over there. Don't make me sic Karl on you." - Kerry

1:15pm PT
"New York is in my United States? Really?" and
"Maybe those pilots simply spent as little time practicing flying as I did." - Koledeef
"I'll take the Aggies and the points." and
"So, Jenna, did you make that new connection yet?" - Mad Coyote
Andy Card tries unsuccessfully to get a white woman to join Karl and a distracted George to practice their Four Tops dance moves for the still-uncancelled September 12 White House StarSearch Talent Hunt and Republican Party Fundraiser. - Edgewater Joe
"Now comes the second plane, just like we planned." - Adrian
"No, I'm not going to address the nation now. Gotta wait 'til the other two are down." - JF
"You! On the phone! The President did not say, 'I could use a brew!' He said, 'I know what to do!' GOT THAT?" - Amos
"Yeah, Osama, I got the Air Force fighters to stand down, what next? Oh, invade Iraq?" -Darms
"You! You're not revering the President's mastery of telephones! GET OUT!" - Anon
"Yeah, put the hit out on Michael Moore -- NOW!" and
"Make sure you bring my golf clubs, or else!" - SR
"ABU - GAREF MOTHERF***ERS, then on to MARS!" - merl
"how soon can you get my brown pants delivered?" and
"no, the salute goes up at a 40 degree angle" - preznit

Thanks for all the entries, gang.