Saturday, June 19

Signs Of Existence Of A Supreme Being

First, the 9/11 commission tells Cheney to prove his fairy tales. Now the light shines on the King of the Bush Family Crooks. Things like this can make you start believing in life again...

Prosecutors seeking Lay indictment

Federal prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict Ken Lay on charges relating to the last few months he was at the helm of Enron as the company spiralled into its stunning 2001 collapse.

The indictments are expected within two weeks, according to lawyers close to the case.

For the past 2 1/2 years, the Justice Department's Enron Task Force has been investigating Lay -- the company's former chairman -- and recently the probe has picked up steam.

Over the past few weeks, witnesses about Lay have appeared before the Enron grand jury in increasing numbers. At the same time, prosecutors have been separately interviewing other witnesses and shoring up details about Lay.