Tuesday, June 22

The Press' Love For Bill Clinton - Still Not Evident

If anyone still believes the media have a liberal bias and have come around to being easier on Bill Clinton since the Starr witch hunt, guess again.

This morning's network TV coverage of the midnight sale of Clinton's memoirs, "My Life," was chock full of observations like this:

"Riding the wave of an unprecidented publicity blitz..."
"...the end result of a huge publicity tour..."
"...people lining up to buy into the excitement."
"The turnout is the result of a heightened media blitz..."

And there's this nugget from CNN.com:

Former President Clinton's weighty autobiography, from his childhood in Arkansas to his eight years in the White House, went on sale Tuesday amid a wave of publicity expected to propel him onto the best-seller list.
Is it really all that hard for these people to admit that people are lining up to buy the book because - THEY LIKE THE GUY? Just about every person on those lines they spoke to said so.

But the press still won't give the Big Dog the credit he deserves. His popularity MUST be attributed to the hype, because according to the White House's Kool-Aid drinkers and talk radio carnival barkers, nobody likes Bill Clinton...and Americans don't have minds of their own.

My Life by Bill Clinton
If you DIDN'T buy into the hype, and still want the book, click here.