Friday, June 18


Kerry will have to recruit a Democrat as his running mate, kids. Sorry.

McCain gives Bush a strong endorsement

For years they have been bitter rivals, but on Friday Senator John McCain agreed to campaign for President Bush and gave him a big bear hug in front of thousands of troops at Fort Lewis.

"He has led this country with moral clarity," McCain said of Bush in praising his stewardship of the war on terror as commander-in-chief.

"There have been ups and downs as there have been in any war, but like you, he has not wavered in his determination to protect this country, and to make the world a better, safer and freer place. You will not yield, nor will he," the Arizona senator said.

In a sign of how unusual the event was, McCain delivered a full speech even before the president spoke. The president's advisors usually instruct people who introduce Bush to keep it very short, but not McCain.

When Bush stepped to the podium, he told troops packed into a hanger that it was a "privilege" to be introduced by McCain.