Tuesday, October 19

Air America is Over in New York

Whoa, don't blow a gasket. It's a good thing.

Wrestling fans know the term "over" quite well. When a new guy hits a stride which catches the imagination and support of the crowd, they say he's "over with the fans" - he's crossed over to star status.

Air America is over in NYC.
LINK - CRITICS said it wouldn't happen - but all-liberal WLIB is seriously challenging talk-radio rivals WABC and WOR.

According to Arbitron ratings released yesterday, WLIB thrashed WOR and nipped at the heels of top-dog WABC among the 25- to 54-year-old listeners advertisers chase.

"The elections are giving them an added boost in a largely liberal town, [and] they're benefiting from the whole Bush-Kerry thing," said Mark Lefkowitz of the Furman Roth ad agency.

"WABC has proven that it works in election years and not, [so] it'll be interesting to see what happens to WLIB...after the November election," Lefkowitz told The Post.

During midday, when both stations roll out their top guns - WABC's Rush Limbaugh vs. Air America's Al Franken - WABC is ranked 15th in listeners 25-54, followed closely by WLIB, which ranked 18th.

WOR trails badly, finishing 27th in midday.
WOR on the other hand...is over.