Tuesday, October 26

Longtime Listener, Third Time Praiser

We really need to give a long-overdue shoutout to Chickenhead Productions. They make some of the most innovative and hysterical stuff on the web. Among their creations and co-creations are the Landover Baptist Church (and its offshoot, Betty Bowers), WhiteHouse.org, and the Animal Defense Militia.

Lately, they've been making real news themselves. Seems a lot of emails from Bush-Cheney campaign operatives have been accidentally finding their way to Chickenhead's GeorgeWBush.org domain. Hit their "Dead Letter Office" link, and you'll see them all there, along with this explanation.
OCTOBER, 2004: Recently, we at GeorgeWBush.org happened to notice that our mail server had a default "catch-all" mailbox, which for the past several months had been quietly gathering any and all e-mails addressed to [INSERT-ANYTHING-HERE]@georgewbush.org. We felt the need to share.

10.26.2004: Readers may be interested to learn that the "caging" e-mails below (one and two) are indeed the same documents referenced in Greg Palast's latest BBC Newsnight investigation. We sent them to him last week prior to assembling this page.