Tuesday, October 19

Firing Back at a Bullcrap Email

There's a message going around inboxes about how much it would cost to have secret service and retrofitting for all of Kerry's and Heinz-Kerry's properties if he becomes president. The same email talks about how we need to keep Bush in office because all he has is the brush farm in Crawford.

This message estimates the total cost of protecting Kerry's properties would be $7.8 million. So we need to elect Bush or the economy will crater under the weight of Kerry's real estate.

If you receive this email, know first that it's what my dad used to call "horseshit." The estimates are utter nonsense.

My first reaction was that if Kerry and Teresa are smart enough to invest in land and property, then I say that I want this man to handle my country's economy. Real estate is the best investment anyone can make. Bush has the brush hole in Crawford. A lousy investment by comparison.

But let's do something wacky here - the math.

If that over-inflated guesstimate of $7,800,000 is true (and believe me - it isn't), what's the cost to each American over 18 years old? Three cents. THREE CENTS. There are 217.8 million Americans over 18. Do the math. Three damned cents.

By contrast: How much has Bush's Iraq adventure cost the adult population? Total cost, $200 Billion - so far. Per person, that comes out to $918. NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for EVERY PERSON OVER 18. Let that one settle in for a while, okay?

But above all else, as TVMc informs us, the whole thing is just not true.

If you get this horseshit email, you're now armed with a reply. You're welcome.