Sunday, October 24

No Surprise - But Still Great Reading

The Nation throwing its support to Kerry is about as shocking as Al Franken's "surprise" endorsement of him on Friday's Air America show. But what they have to say should be of huge importance - and motivation - to all of us.

And by the way, if you have any friends or family who insist on voting for Bush - and will not change their mind - tell them, fine. You'll give them Bush. But please, for all that is fair, please give us consideration for the senate and Congress candidates who are running in their area. Remind them the war is costing every American adult an average of $918 (less if they're rich enough to get a tax cut, and therefore more if they're not). If they'd rather have the money stay here and help our own economy - don't give one party continued unchecked access to our money. Please. Vote for the Democrats.