Tuesday, October 19

If Polls Were to be Believed...

I'm not kidding myself. There is such a disparity among the polls coming out seemingly every ten minutes that it drives me nuts to follow any of 'em. But this ABC News poll in Ohio of 1,027 registered voters is significant in that Ohio is the battlegroundiest of the battleground states, and Bush is not looking good.
LINK - 50 percent of Ohio likely voters in this ABC News poll favor Kerry, with 47 percent for Bush - a close race, with the difference between the candidates within the survey's margin of sampling error. It remains 50 percent to 47 percent with Nader in the race; he's currently off the ballot with a court challenge pending.
And if polls were to REALLY be believed, Kos shows that winds of change are blowin' all over the Buckeye State. Kerry is surging. There's no question.