Monday, October 18

Mackris/O'Reilly: I Might Be Wrong...

...but wouldn't even hinting at - or asking a court to justify - firing an employee after her filing a sexual harassment suit be just as bad as actually firing her?
Report: Fox May Fire Producer Who Sued O'Reilly
Producer Says Fox Served Her With Papers

In the latest in the battle between TV personality Bill O'Reilly and his former associate producer, Andrea Mackris, Fox News is asking a court to clarify its ability to terminate Mackris' employment.

Mackris was served with papers about her potential firing Friday evening. She told CNN's Anderson Cooper a man entered into her building and approached her as she entered her apartment with the documents, which she refused to accept

Sources familiar with the filing say Fox News is asking the court to rule if Fox fires Mackris, it is not in retaliation for her sexual harassment lawsuit.

In a written statement, Fox News explained it wants the court to determine if Mackris' allegations are valid.

"We have also asked the court to advise Fox News about the possible termination of Ms. Mackris' employment. Ms. Mackris is still employed and on the payroll of Fox News," according to the statement.